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Welcome to ‘Inspirider’ THE website that explains how you can become a better horse rider by using your mind in an inspirational way! We can offer both sports performance coaching and confidence coaching.

If you have ever suffered from a loss of confidence or nerves, whether during a specific time (eg at a competition) or more generally when handling or riding your horse? Or perhaps you are feed up of having to specific goals with your riding, often changing your mind. If this is the case, Inspirider can help.

Inspirider, part of 'Liz Horner Riding Lessons' is run by Dr. Liz Horner PhD., BSc. (Hons) is accredited to the American Board a Master Practitioner of NLP, hypnosis & TLT®. Liz is also a registered BHS AI, giving general horse riding lessons as well. Therefore I work can alongside your trainer or if needed give riding lessons as well as sports psychology.

Inspirider can help you whether you are a serious competitive rider or a grass roots rider. We can offer either sports performance coaching (showing you how to learn from any mistakes, make better competitive strategies, how to cope with competitive or day-to-day stress and much, much more) or confidence coaching (general handling/ riding issues or specifically e.g. jumping a certain type of fence). We use three coaching techniques : 

  • Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  • Hypnosis
  • Time Line Therapy® (TLT®)


What we offer

Since the 2012 Olympics, much has been said about sports psychology. But how can this work for you & horse riding? Have you ever wondered how the best riders manage to keep going after a bad fall or poor performance? Equally how do top riders keep it together? Not only do they have to keep themselves and their horses in peak performance but the day to day running of the yard at home, teaching, keeping owners happy and lots of travelling has to continue. The answer to all the above is in their behaviour: they are able to learn from any mistakes and not dwell on them. If they hit a problem they are able to get round the problem – thinking outside the box. And when possible they can delegate to others.

How to be a Champion!

So HOW do they do it? Their PSYCHOLOGY, of which there are numerous elements including strategies, values, beliefs, meta-programmes (filters) and attitudes. All of these lead to a winning BEHAVIOUR. As you see in the picture, not only are riding skills important, but so is your psychology & behaviour. If you do not have a strong foundation (the roots), you cannot reach your full potential and flourish. Inspirider can teach you HOW to use your unconscious mind in a positive, inspiring way to reach your full potential.

Negative thoughts or feelings have a detrimental effect on your determination and energy levels on a day to day basis (not just when you go out with your horse: negativity on your horse can be reflected in other none horsey tasks). Equally you may find that other areas of your life (e.g. work) reflect on your horse riding, especially in stressful times. Inspirider can teach you how to manage these negative feelings, to learn from and accept mistakes you have made and go on to do your best in the future, with renewed energy. If you feel that such coaching could transform yourself, ask Inspirider about a personal breakthrough coaching session.

Equally you may have a lack of direction with no clear goals, perhaps unable to make enough money. Or have a poor coping strategy for day to day tasks or when competing leading to poor motivation. Whatever your problem Inspirider can help!

Please note that face to face coaching may not always be necessary: phone calls or skype may often be enough, especially if needed just prior to competing!


We are constantly being bombarded by information. The brain can only process a certain amount of information at any one time; therefore it filters out a large volume of information by deleting, distorting and generalising it. The information filtered out is very personal to an individual, which is why you may find you remember different parts in a film compared to someone else. Likewise imagine two riders having the exact same ride but one declaring the ride was a “complete disaster due to a bag being stuck in hedge & it took ages to get passed” (without getting off) and the second rider states “it was a really good ride, we did get a bag stuck in the hedge that he shied at, but after a few minutes we got passed”. The statements show negative and positive thinking respectively.What an individual filters out (and keeps) depends on your past experiences and self beliefs (good or bad), which then leads to changes (good or bad) in your internal state, emotion, physiology and behaviour

Once a negative spiral of unhelpful thoughts and emotions take over, it is very hard to stop them. Inspirider can show you how to think differently so that you can enter a positive spiral of thinking.  We can teach you HOW to become proactive with your thinking, to achieve what you want. By filtering out negative emotions and by concentrating on positive thoughts and emotions you can alter your behaviour and ultimately get what you want.



Confidence Issues

Do you suffer from general confidence issues either riding or handling your horse? Or suffer from competition nerves or are frightened of jumping that bogey fence? If the answer is yes then Inspirider can help. Using a variety of NLP techniques, possibly alongside hypnosis and Time Line Therapy®, all types of negative emotions can be controlled.

Using Time Line Therapy® Inspirider can show you how to look back at bad (even traumatic) experiences so that you can learn from them, improving how you handle such a situation in the future. Similarly if you have limiting beliefs (e.g. I’m not good enough to handle this horse) they can be eliminated.

Face to face coaching may not always be necessary: phone calls or skype may often be enough!

Please note that I must ensure that you do have a problem of confidence rather than competence. Therefore, if you have a general confidence issue (rather than during specific conditions) I may need to check how competent you are (involving a half hour assessment session with your horse). 


NLP stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming. Which means? It is the study of how to use your mind in a positive rather than negative way. Compare it to having a riding lesson, you are taught about position and how to work more effectively with your horse, to become a Charlotte Dujardin, William Fox-Pitt or John Whittaker. In a similar way, NLP teaches you how to use your mind to achieve you set goals. Everyone is capable of achieving them, if you have the determination and self belief. There is no failure, only feedback, NLP teaches you how to use any set-backs to your advantage, making you stronger (as the old adage goes). You can be taught how to control any negative feelings, for example at a competition, becoming positive and ‘within the zone’. In very simple terms ‘mind over matter’. NLP is also the study of how you make certain decisions, allowing you to change them perhaps to become more assertive and have more useful states.

There are numerous processes that can be performed using NLP. These include switch patterns and anchoring. Before you come for your first session, it is very useful to have thought about what you would like to achieve- exactly what you would to achieve. You need to contemplate what the specific problem is that you are wanting to solve:

For example if it is competition nerves: When exactly do you feel nervous? When do you know it is time to feel nervous: arriving at the show, before you get on the horse, on the horse before entering the ring, when the bell goes?

Some questions I may ask may seem strange, however, please don’t worry or think too much but answer with whatever comes into your head (this is your unconscious mind answering and is what we are working with in these sessions).



Hypnosis is a process of total relaxation, like when you day dream (being in a trance). Hypnosis allows the hypnotist to speak directly with your unconscious mind, allowing a much stronger result to occur than NLP on its own (where your conscious mind may block results). If you have a very strong general confidence issue, you may require this stronger process. It is not brain washing and you can never be forced to do anything that you do not want to do (like running around being a chicken!). Nobody can ‘force’ you to be hypnotised, only you can allow yourself to be hypnotised, you are in control and you can chose not be hypnotised and wake up at any point during the process.

Before any tailored made hypnosis session I will need much information about you: your likes and dislikes (not just horsey). What you find most relaxing: the type of music you find most relaxing, you may wish to bring your own music to the session.


Time Line Therapy® (Creating your Future®)

Time Line Therapy® (TLT®) is a process of active imagination. It allows you to:

  • look at, accept & learn from traumatic events 
  • release negative emotions (fear, guilt, sadness, anger)
  • insert a goal into your future
  • remove phobias

Techniques we use

Inspirider is run by Liz Horner who is an Equestrian NLP Master Practitioner, an NLP, hypnosis and Time Line Therapy® (Creating your Future®)  Master Practitioner. She is also a registered BHS AI and has over 30 years of horse riding experience, having competed many times in all disciplines. If you are requiring general horse riding tuition and live close to Selby or Goole in Yorkshire, please visit the sister site .

Liz Horner started riding when 5 years old and owning her first pony at the age of eight. She has successfully backed, trained and competed her own horses and has worked at several riding schools and yards. Before going to university, she experienced much of the fun involved in horses, including all types of riding club activities (showing, jumping, cross country, dressage) and represented her local club on numerous occasions. Since university she has brought on young horses and mainly, but not exclusively, competed them in affiliated dressage up to medium level and successfully competed at regional finals.

At Bristol University Liz studied Equine Science learning about the physiology, anatomy, psychology, biomechanics and husbandry of the horse. Following undergraduate training, she continued her education completing a postdoctoral degree (PhD) at Cambridge University, Department of Veterinary Medicine studying equine osteochrondrosis (OCD), which sadly is a common disease in foals. After completing her studies at Cambridge she followed an academic career at numerous universities, however, her heart has always been in horse riding and a passion for training young/ novice horses and riders. Therefore, in the following few years she completed her BHS qualifications alongside her job with the view of one day following that passion. Following the birth of her first son in 2009, she started up a small business as a freelance riding instructor. 

One of the biggest problems seen by Liz during her teaching is the loss of confidence in about 50% of her clients: it became apparent it is a VERY common problem. Following a crisis of confidence in jumping just six weeks before taking her stage 3 exam, Liz undertook hypnosis and successfully passed the exam, highlighting how useful these processes can be. Therefore a couple of years later, when the opportunity to train as an Equestrian Practitioner came up, Liz took the opportunity and never looked back, completing all of the American Board NLP, Hypnosis and TLT® exams up to Master Practitioner Level. 

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